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1940s Interiors

In homage to The Blackout Party we are looking at the 1940s this month. We always talk about fashion and thought it was time to pay attention to another important part of our life; the home.

Travel back to a lounge in the early 1940’s and you would find yourself in a room of muted colours and dimmed lighting, surrounded by hand-me-down quality furniture made of solid wood that was built to last.  This was a time of war rationing and a make-do-and-mend culture. 

After the war a time of celebration and pride in our country breathed new life into our homes.  An urgent need of new housing saw the first housing estates built with the promise of a new modern life. At the start of 1940’s half the homes had an electricity supply and the introduction of television sets and magazines brought attention to advertisements for new modern furniture like G-plan and labour saving devices for the modern housewife such as the Kenwood Chef.

To help you visualise this eras interiors we came across this interesing interview with a man whom has transformed andconverted his home into a replica of a 1940s home.

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07 August 2013