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Exhibitors Spotlight - Props in a Box

Creating a memorable day for your self is probably the most important factor when getting hitched. Then you have to think how to entertain your guests. The days are gone when people put a disposable camera on the table, firstly where would you go to print the film!? Now in 2014 it is all about the Photo-booth. Props in a Box will be on hand tomorrow with a Mary Poppins bag full of dress up and disguises. Sam and Caroline tell us the how this business popped out of its box.


How did you come up with your business idea?

Having looked into hiring a photo booth for an event we were organising, we found that, apart from being expensive and not very attractive, we couldn't be creative with it and we couldn't use our photographer.

So we thought…blow this we’ll make our own! And so Props in a Box was born.


English wedding or go abroad?

When it comes to destination weddings, I think if you can afford it and your guests can afford, then fabulous, But I think weddings abroad can potentially put a great deal of pressure on your guests both financially and logistically. Personally I think there is nothing more romantic than a home grown English Country wedding.


DJ or band?

I love my music, so I’d say both!


Wedding Cake or Wedding Cocktails?

I’m a bit of a traditionalist, so I’d say Cake. (but I also love cocktails…would it be greedy to have both!)


What one piece of advise would you give to a bride on her wedding day?

To have fun and relax! Enjoy very second. If something doesn't go quite to plan…let it pass. In the grand scheme of things, 99% of the time, it won’t matter!

I was so concerned about everyone else at my wedding, that the day passed like a blur and I don't remember a single conversation I had with anyone and I missed out on all sorts of things that were going on without me as I was distracted with details.


Any exciting news you can share with us?

We have just taken delivery of a new backdrop, which has been designed and printed especially for us. We also picked up our fabulous new Circus Theme Peep Through Photo Board! Again this has been handmade and hand painted especially for us.


Small DIY or Big Budget wedding?

You know what…if you got plenty of cash and that's what you wanna do, then go for it.

Having said that, even with cash to spare, I’d probably still go for a smaller DIY wedding as they are always so much more relaxed and fun for all. If I were to marry my man again, I think I’d go all Village Fete, Gypsy Festival, Carnival Circus…’esq!


If you would like to try on some guises and have your photo taken, come this on Sunday 8th June at The Nostalgic Wedding Fair, Guildhall Winchester, Hampshire.

07 June 2014