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Exhibitors Spotlight - The Cocktail Car Company

We was really happy when we heard about Ollie's new business, as we can been hoping someone would create a unique cocktail vehicle local to us in Hampshire. Fortunately, it will be The Cocktail Car Company first outing so we cant wait to try out the new cocktails.

How did you come up with your business idea?

I came up with the idea last summer in Ibiza where I was working at events, weddings and high end parties. I knew I wanted my own business and when a friend told me about a Rum bar made from a VW in Thailand he had seen, the idea started to grow!


Whats the best thing about working for yourself?

Well I’m pretty new to it but I like knowing that the harder I work, the better I will do. (And huge holidays of course)


What tune do you put on to get you ready for the day?

Sun screen song


What do you most love about weddings?

Granddad’s Dancing & Crab Cakes


If you could invite any person, who would you invite as your plus one to a wedding?

Rachel from friends


English wedding or go abroad?



DJ or band?



What one piece of advise would you give to a bride on her wedding day?

Have a Passion fruit Bellini


Any exciting news you can share with us?

Just that we are really excited about the new business, we have some great Festivals and Events lined up and cant wait to yet started!


If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?

What car do you drive?


If you would like to meet Ollie and try some outrageous cocktails, come to meet The Cocktail Car Company on Sunday 8th June at The Nostalgic Wedding Fair, Guildhall Winchester, Hampshire.

28 May 2014