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Guest Blogger - India Roberts

The Vintage Parade was delighted to be contacted by Winchester Student, India Roberts. Being a dweller from the city and a lady of fashion - we invited her to guest contribute on our blog! She has created a wonderful pieice regarding her particpation with us and her perspective on vintage in todays society.


This Sunday I am looking forward to looking like a real doll. If you venture out to Winchester High Street you’ll see a couple of us gals lined up; rolled up hair and sashes strung over us like there’s a beauty pageant ‘round the corner. But the Vintage Fair is not a pageant, but an opportunity to turn boys into girls and women into ladies…. What an odd sentence, you’re thinking? I’m not about to write a piece on gender representation, but how this Winchester Vintage Fair can assist us Winchester folk in taking back Beauty from our mum’s and grans with the up-do hair salon and an arm full of dresses – Wiggle and Shift –  we can go take shelter in a tent –  dress.

How could we take shelter in a Tent Dress and why would we want to camp out in this cold spring? This is a just a crazy blogger forcing in as many metaphors as she can! But hold on I’d like to ask you, Reader, a question…

‘With what you’re wearing right now, do you feel beautiful?’

 I’ll admit that I don’t. I live in a cottage: it’s freezing, so I’m wearing jade green skinny trousers and then I threw on my mum’s red ’berghaus’ zippy and I’ve got a thing with colours… I would not leave the house with such a clash let alone the lack of scream this outfit has. And then there’s my hair; I lost it to impulse. This is an example of one the times when if you ask for ‘more’ you’ll get ‘less’ in a few snips from the scissors. My inward feelings of indoor attire leans on what we’ve lost and what’s that? – Vintage. I think of the house wives from this period and I sigh to hear the darlings totting round in heels, lifting trays of hot muffins out the oven before three pink plump cheeked angels. Is it the combination of the pinafore dress, pink lippy and babies we need to wear around our waists and lips to be beautiful again? Or is it chivalry? Why do we crave for Vintage? Cos I don’t know about you, but I learnt the angel face young and know that children cannot not be the solution to beauty, but stretch marks, bags beneath the eyes and bags of excessive toys and chocolate breaking onto the floor.

So why do we crave vintage?

My opinion of this is finery and detail. That’s what we’re missing, that’s what made cars shine beneath the clouds in the 1920s and men still turn their heads to the too familiar sound of giggling women in the 50s.

I look around Miss Selfridge and here I see lace lapping over maxi dresses, elaborate stitching on denim shorts. Fashion now is trying to take back more or less the same ideas of Vintage, the finery and detail, but they won’t allow their materials to stretch so far as to cover up the knee, or thigh.

I’m not trying to discourage shopping for new designs or showing a bit of skin, but what are new designs these days and why is it that it has taken this long to bring back longer skirts and looser blouses without us feeling smothered by fabric?

The clothes and accessories of Vintage were enough to suffice the eye. They didn’t serve to cover the rolls or bony collar bones, but they encouraged women to smile. Now tight jeans encourage men to look and women to scowl…Perhaps we need to shop for what is defined as divine rather than what will make our body look defined.

The Winchester Vintage fair welcomes all of those wanting to make new of the old definition of beauty. Come along to the Guildhall between 11am and 4pm to enjoy the colours, shapes and styles as we bring you back to the past. We look forward to seeing you smile.


To read other pieces from India blog click here to go to her blog.

If you would like to write for us please contact us to have a chat.


20 April 2013