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Orla Keily Turns to Mad Men

I've head my head in other places this week and do not usually pay attention to London Fashion week (sorry, bad fashionista). However something struck my attention with regards to this seasons new collection. Orla Keily, the retro revival Queen has created some very cute dresses and pulled off the vintage look with a just a conscious collection unveiling.

Many models appeared at the entrance to the elongated space wearing this season's take on Orla's signature looks, as an unnoticeable soundtrack made up mostly of the clatter of a typewriter played. Beehive barnets piled high atop models heads. Orla's girls were superbly cast, more as actresses than runway models: loading typewriters, filing paperwork, nattering quietly and changing 'shifts' regularly to allow other models to enter the showcase.

To see more of these beautiful images, go to the just a beautiful at Carrie Wish Wish Wish (she has great vintage style)


Wish Wish Wish

Images Credit

The Style Column

22 February 2013