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Portrait of the Vintage Girls

On this bright sunny day, I managed to tear myself away from the daily admin duties for a far more glamorous role. Hair coiffured by Annette and noir eyeliner flicked, seeing myself looking preened I did not recognise myself. Amy Baker and I have were keen to get some shots of ourselves for our vintage project we are working on. With so many photographers available recreating 'vintage' shoots we wanted to choose one who would able to create a unique and considerate look. We did not want a commercial, airbrush and cheesecake-ify  feeling. So it was when met Tobias Key we knew we found a our match. 

Toby has been shooting people and been interested in the vintage scene for a few years now. Collaborations include with Fleur De Guerre and The Vintage News

He uses old tools, using a view camera and techniques that would be recognisable to a photographer 100 years ago.

For the first time I felt relaxed standing in front of the lens; a successful day

As with traditional photography, it means a film was used; not instant like we all expect these day. Remember, no digital. While we wait patiently you can appreciate these images from Toby's vintage project

If any vintage ladies and gentlemen want to get involved with Toby's project, please contact him here, and tell him we sent you!

28 February 2014