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We have been hiding

Has it been a 2 months already? Well it has been a very busy one here at the VP office, and hence it has flown by so quick! We must admit it was nice to take a break over the festivities. Coming into 2014 we felt excited with was the year had to bring, so we threw ourselves back into work. This meant neglecting our little blog. No more. We shall be here once a week ( holidays are allowed) from now on spreading the news of vintage, retro, weddings, nostalgia and uniqueness. As well can shall feed in information on our exciting new plans. Shh not yet..sorry!


It can be a chore trying to think of something interesting and engaging to write – I wonder if the best authors likes JK Rowling get writers block; head to the kitchen for tea and biscuits then get lost on Facebook for 30minutes!!


So, what's been happening. We have our very big fair coming up in April on Easter weekend in Winchester. It is not just going to be splendid vintage adorning the room, we will have a new addition, a Makers Market. Our Makers Market is a dedicated room for crafters, designer or upcyclers. This shall be Winchesters LARGEST INDOOR VINTAGE & MAKERS FAIR.


Exciting hey. We can not wait to see your faces on Easter Sunday. Feed you with more information leading up. It's going to be worth the suspense.


Thanks for reading, be back soon.

05 February 2014