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Were all going on a Summer Vintage Holiday

Greeting Vintage Fans,

Welcome to June and the Summer, hooray. The Vintage Parade team are off on the Summer festival tour soon with our wonderful vintage traders. They shall be bringing with them the best selection of ladies and men's clothing, furniture, home-wares, accessories, toys, jewelery and all those wonderful nostalgic treats.

Would you like to know where we shall traveling to in the UK? Let's take a look at the map to tell you more...


Air Tattoo - Vintage Village

Starting in the South-East of the country we shall be flying into The Royal International Air Tattooon Friday 17th July for a 3 day trip. The Vintage Village will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.


CarFest North - Vintage Village

NEW - we shall be heading up to Chester for our first event with CarFest at the North Festival. Chris and his team have been working with us to create a fantastic new area, the Vintage Village. Hopefully the old car makes it the journey! More news coming soon....


CarFest South- Vintage Village

NEW - then we come all the way back down to our familiar territory.
CarFest South will be equally fun, eclectic and car mad. More news coming soon....


And there we have it folks - plenteous to get excited about...ps Cliff sends his love.

Until next time and keep on vintaging
The Vintage Parade xx


26 June 2015